All you have to do is answer the door and relax. Central Day Spa at 50 Stanley St - Queenstown in case you prefer our location.

Nadi Mobile Massage's in-room service gives you the ultimate luxury of having your "Relax time" in the comfort and privacy of your own hotel room or home.

Using principles of Aromatherapy, Shiatsu & Massage skills we bring the Massage & Day Spa Rituals to your Home or Hotel room.

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Sometimes we have a therapist available within 1 hour but we recommend booking in advance.

Queenstown Massage Therapy - Mobile Massage and Spa

massage therapies

A full consultation before your treatment is a great opportunity for you to customise each treatment to your specific needs.  We offer strictly professional, therapeutic services.

All pricing shown based on per person.

therapeutic sports

Relieve sore and tired muscles with this deep tissue sports massage.  Sport therapy techniques are used to increase circulation and help muscle recovery, easing aches and pains.  


Melt away tension with this Swedish style massage which uses long rhythmic strokes to lengthen stressed muscles.  This deeply relaxing massage promotes circulation, calms the nervous system and allows body and mind to fully recharge. 


We have a stunning couples suite available with beautiful lake and mountain views. Select your preferred treatment and share this blissful experience together. Mobile treatments are also available.

Price Per Person
30min $80  |  45min $100  |  60min $135  |  90min $180

Total Price Per Couple
30min $160  |  45min $200  |  60min $270  |  90min $360


tukutahi synchronised

Get ready to be supremely pampered with this choreographed treatment involving two therapists working simultaneously on one client to create an “out of this world” experience for the mind and body! 

60min $260  |  90min $350

Zen Treatments

zen treatments

shiatsu massage*

Shiatsu is Japanese for “finger pressure” it consists of finger, palms, elbows, knees, feet pressure and stretches to induce a deep relaxation and a feeling of wellbeing.  Day spa only.

healing hot stone massage*

Warm your body inside and out with heated stones gliding over your tired muscles. The stones move with the therapists hands to target stiff muscles and provide maximum relief.  Day spa only.

traditional japanese acupuncture* 

Balance the movement of energy in your body. Acupuncture uses very fine sterile needles to stimulate the acupoints to balance the movement of energy (qi) in the body and activate the body’s own healing and repair processes.  Day spa only.

30min $80  |  45min $100  |  60min $135  |  90min $180

Queenstown Day Spa - massage, facials, therapies

spa packages

balanced into being  

Perfect for those who have been flying, travelling or who are feeling upset or anxious. This treatment connects you right back into the nurturing magnetism and purity of earth energy allowing you to feel reconnected and balanced. 

30 or 60 minute massage
+ 30 minute foot reflexology including foot scrub. 

feel in flow

Ideal for those who are feeling tense, stressed or sore from outdoor adventures. A treatment that takes the path of least resistance like water does to release that which feels stuck, renew circulation and allow you to feel a sense of ease, buoyancy and support.

30 or 60 minute massage
+ 30 minute epsom salt and essential oil bath. 

radiate the light*

The best antidote for those who are feeling unmotivated, over indulged and desiring transformation. An invigorating treatment releasing all that is no longer needed allowing you to feel renewed, empowered and reenergised. Return to life glowing! Day spa only.

30 or 60 minute hot stone massage
+ 20 minute warming body scrub followed by 10 minute hot shower.

open to love

Medicine for those feeling shut down, disconnected or ready to experience more joy and delight. A nurturing treatment that opens space for compassion, love and connection allowing you to feel a sense of contentment and ‘coming home’ to your true nature.

30 or 60 minute massage
+ 30 minutes chakra alignment & lying meditation.

transcend to bliss 

The ultimate remedy for those feeling overwhelmed by turbulent thoughts and the speed of life. A treatment to slow the thinking mind and take you on a journey into the sensations of the body allowing you to surrender, feel light and totally ‘blissed out’. 

30 or 60 minute massage
+ 30 minute facial including neck and cranial pressure points. 

60min $150  |  90min $205

Bliss Out

bliss out

aroha facial with manuka honey

Enhance your youthful glow with our deeply moisturising organic facial.  We use the best New Zealand organic plant oils  herbal extracts and high quality essential oils to complement your skin type. Facial includes deep cleanse, exfoliation, mask, moisturiser and signature facial massage. 

koru feet

This luxurious foot and lower leg treatment incorporates foot reflexology, hydrating scrub and hot steamed towels to soothe aching feet. You’ll be walking on air afterward!

30min $80  |  45min $100  |  60min $135

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